Brushes, Touches, Tongues

by Can't Kids

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recorded on the second day of 2012, mixed on the third day of 2012 at the Jam Room, Columbia.


released July 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Can't Kids Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: Gimme a Grab
gimme a grab and i'll give you the gun with which to shoot me. we all got money when we all got jobs. gimme a stab and i'll bleed all over a canvas. we all got brushes, we all got touches, we all got tongues. so let's talk about it. i ain't talkin now. let's talk about it let's talk it raw.

if i'd made a wish i wouldn't have wished for this. no mercy. i got my toolbox i'll get my trade. if i'd made a play it would've not got away, no mercy. we all got eyes, we all got ears, we all got legs, so let's run from it, i ain't talkin now. let's run away from it. you show me how. let's make a run for it, you're talkin now! i'm makin a run for it cos you showed me how.

the water in my mind it sure looks fine but when i drink it down i make an awful sound. the water in my mine it sure looks wine but when i drink it down i make an awful frown. oh the doctor is sick and the patient is well so just take all your tricks and just go to hell. the doctor is sick of my patience as well, it took all of your tricks to pull me up out of hell THANKS!

the water that i chug is a rough drug save for when i sip it. this ain't mississippi, these aint delta blues. the water in my thoughts it don't do what it ought cos it don't make tears that are worth their salt but i won't be a pillar, wouldn't that be killer? so let's drink some water let's drink it dry. let's get some water comin up out our eyes. let's drink some water, you left me a little daughter! you left me a ghost right when i needed it most.

i know what boys like
i know what guys want
they talk about me and i wish they wouldn't
come on, you guys.
Track Name: Ghost Killah
i killed me a ghost and i buried the body, but, for a trophy, i kept the sad head, put it up on a fencepost, christ, it sure looked ungodly, the grotesque reminder of the lot of the dead. there are those who must pass by, i laugh as they try to keep their eyes down, keep em pinned to the ground, i mean, who's got the stomach to face yard art in such bad taste?

it had come up in my house with its boos and its howls, disrupting my sleep, i awoke in a rage. challenged to fight for its right to my life, my knife was unsheathed, we squared off, blade to shade. i'll admit, it fought bravely, but a wee bit too gravely, it was i brought it down, and it made such a sound as it perished all over again, hoping this time could be finally the end.

there are those who may laugh, i know not what at, but oh what it's been when my voice has joined in. my mind was out the window, my heart was rent in twain, every time i heard the wind blow,i heard the sad refrain:

let the dead reign upon us, let their piss fall upone our heads.

i won't let the dead reign.

let the dead bury their own dead.
Track Name: Dimes
oh if i had a dime for every time i let you down, i could buy you that new car and fancy house in town and if i had a nickel for every person that i hate, i could buy a fancy rifle and blow us all away.

no you didn't hear the words that i let slip so my loose lips won't sink a single ship, so hip hip hooray for what i have to say, if you don't think about it then it won't go away.

i know that when the bullet leaves the gun what's done is done. just ask the bullet.

i'm the life of the party i'm the cream of the crap, i'm a fat kid with problems, i'm a blip on the map. i'm a water balloon in a helium town, i'm a well-drawn cartoon of a beautiful sound.

oh if i had a dime for every time i let you down i could buy you that new car and fancy house in town and if i had a nickel for every person that i love i could buy the juice a brand new glove.
Track Name: There's Never Enough Butter
my god how i got no family my god how i got no money. my god how i got no plans to be anything but yr honey.
my god how i got my late late nights, my god how i got my whiskey, my god how i got my animal rights, my god how i love to get frisky.

and god knows i'm greedy so honey come and get me. god knows, god knows, my boy, i can picture the way that you sit behind that big old drumkit, i want you holdin me as tight as you hold them sticks, baby, you'll be mine and you'll like it.

god only knows what i'm thinkin
god only knows what i'll say
but god knows i been drinkin
and god knows to stay out of my way
god only knows what i'm plannin
god only knows what i'll do
but god knows i done in Shannon
and god knows i'm comin for you.
Track Name: It's Yrs
never mind the questions can i make a suggestion? it's better to be safe and throw that book away. never mind the answers we don't get second chances but still i love the way that we communicate!

i'm leavin on a jet plane it hit me like a freight train: we built it on a floodplain so there's no one left to blame

never mind the problems there's no way to prevent them we can only try to clean up after the mess is made. never mind solutions this is my contribution: i only tried to mess up so we could be made clean.

i'm leavin on a greyhound one that's headed northbound suitcase to a new town there's no one left to blame

not me cos i don't want this anymore
you can have it it's yours

if all i want is numbness, i think i'm making progress, baby i ain't to blame but baby i ain't blind. never mind the secret, i know not how to keep it, baby i don't blame you but this one isn't mine.
you already gave, you already gave me one!
Track Name: Julie
julie, where'd you go? i'm throwin rocks at yr window and i don't know what you know, but i know it's not "no."
and i live beside yr house and i touch it with my hands and i'll live until i'm dead, until it's all gone again.
better times will come when i'm done suckin my thumb, when i'm done giving it all away
i like a lot of things that i am quite ashamed of and i know it's not yr glove layin in this puddle of

my mouth done run away with all the foolish things i say while them foolish things i think got me stranded in this drink. everybody's got a paddle, and we call a spade a spade, staving off that silly rattle, we will all be laid

i know everybody lies, i know everybody dreams, i know everybody thinks of things they won't admit to seeing, everybody gets it honest, everybody tells those lies, everybody's mouth is modest when we wish our tongues had stayed tied!

i better shut my eyes
i better not get down
i better stand up now and walk around